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We create meaningful and timeless designs with a focus on local and responsible production. 100% made locally in Istanbul.

Kloto’s authenticity, craft quality and expertise is rooted in a 40-year family heritage of jewelry making. In our family owned workshop we consciously contribute to our community of talent, skills and craftsmanship. We also partner with local artisans and value their knowledge and support the continuation of their work. Environmentally Conscious Production.

Our “modern craftsmanship” comes from combining traditional methods of crafting by hand and modern ways of production which requires considerable knowledge and insight at all levels. We produce with care, professional competency and respect for the material and the environment. At every stage of production, we try to minimize our environmental footprint, reduce our use of resources and dispose our waste responsibly. Our workshop is certified by Bureaus Veritas for both Occupational Health and Safety Management and Environmental Management Systems. Renewable and ethically sourced materials.

Our jewelry is made with recycled, responsibly-sourced sterling silver and gold. Precious metals are natural renewable resources and they can be recycled repeatedly without degradation in quality. All of our diamonds are ethically sourced F-G VS diamonds accordance with the provisions of the Kimberley Process International Certification requirements.